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Over the past 15 years, River Logic and its valued partners have developed an extensive suite of application solutions that address a wide range of business areas. They have been implemented across dozens of verticals including Government, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Financial Services, Oil & Gas and more. All of River Logic's solutions offer a unique set of features and capabilities, thanks to the power of River Logic's Prescriptive Planning and Performance Management Platform.

Solution Features

Insights from Prescriptive Analytics: River Logic is the only platform that has put prescriptive planning capabilities into the hands of business decision makers. 

Scenario Management: Scenarios can be created and analyzed through unlimited what-if analysis.

Business-wide Collaboration: Built for the cloud on Microsoft Azure, users can leverage a suite of productivity tools available, further enabling end-to-end collaboration and workflows.

Data Management: Users can integrate and automate across heterogeneous system environments with multiple data sources as well as schedule updates from various data sources.

End-to-end Planning: River Logic's advanced modeling software enables multi-dimensional business hierarchies to be modeled with simple workflows and automated notifications. 

Business-wide Intelligence: In addition to standard BI capabilities, prescriptive insights are easily visualized through River Logic's unique Key Optimization Indicators™ (KOIs). 

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Sales and Operations Planning

By far the most widely utilized, our custom-built S&OP solution (powered by Integrated Business Planning) offers a wide range of capabilities across demand, supply and finance.

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Price Optimization

Price Optimization enables pricing professionals and commercial managers to maximize the yield from pricing decisions within a given category.


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Procurement Optimization

Procurement Optimization enables procurement professionals to make the best decisions when negotiating with suppliers.


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Network Strategy & Value Chain Transformation

Unlike traditional Network Design applications, Network Strategy enables manufacturers to optimize the full network and maximize net present value of future cash flows, or total profitability.

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Trade Promotion Optimization Planner™

TPO Planner improves the impact of trade promotion spend by optimizing budget allocation and trade calendars to different business objectives. This includes market share, revenues and profit.

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Cost-to-Serve (CtS) Planner™

Track, monitor and forecast the operational and financial impact of onboarding and serving a customer, including: order behavior, freight, warehousing,
cost of logistics and more.

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How is River Logic Different?

River Logic creates a single, end-to-end model of a business or enterprise. With the power of prescriptive analytics and the ability to run unlimited what-ifs, companies are able to find undiscovered opportunity values and optimize decision making.


Drag & drop interface with no code and no equations


Physical, financial and strategic representation of the business


A shared context that facilitates decision making


In-memory computations and power of the cloud

"We as a company make decisions dramatically different than we did five years ago because of River Logic. We exited an entire business because we realized it was unprofitable."

Matt Yaun, Chief Administration Officer, Cox Industries