About Us


Our Core Values


Our company is driven to solve tough problems through innovative, groundbreaking software development. Continued innovation is the cornerstone of our existence.


We adhere to a code of absolute honesty. Regardless of the news delivered, every communication starts with incorruptible integrity.


Our focus is on delivering value to our clients and partners, and opening advancement opportunities for our leading partners and service professionals. We do not compromise our focus for short-term gain.


We succeed when you succeed. We pride ourselves on our heavy teamwork focus, which enables us to achieve mutually beneficial results with both our clients and partners.

Who We Are

Founded in 2000, River Logic is a privately held technology firm with corporate offices in Dallas, Texas. We are a global innovator in advanced analytics for planning & decision support and offer both a platform for custom solutions in addition to packaged solutions. Our technology helps companies across a wide range of industries resolve complex, cross-functional trade-off decisions while optimizing key objectives, like financial performance, customer service, efficiency, cost-cutting, and more.

Our packaged solutions covering supply chain planning, S&OP, network optimization, order allocation, and more. They are purpose-built for business users (rather than Data Scientists) and can be implemented in just weeks. They help leaders identify the actions to take in order to maximize objectives, given variables and constraints that impact present and future business performance. Each solution offers end-to-end optimization via a revolutionary cloud experience that offers rapid scenario collaboration, data management, workflows, BI reporting, scalability, and more.

Our Misson

We believe there is a better way to make decisions today. The power of optimization (linear programming) for decision support should be in the hands of the people driving the business, not just data scientists. We're on a mission to ensure companies across the globe drive maximum value with every decision they make, no matter how complex the business or how quickly markets shift.

Top-rated Customer Success

“The cost savings opportunities identified run into the hundreds of millions of dollars over the period examined...River Logic’s solution enables us to extend the number of variables that could impact decisions — such as sourcing options, capacities and capabilities, inter-trading-zone product duties, interplant product transfer prices, and distribution costs. We reduced spreadsheet simulations by 90% and decreased the time required for scenario evaluation from weeks to hours."

Alexandros Skandalakis
Director Manufacturing Capacity and Footprint, PMI

"Our team has enjoyed working with every single member of the River Logic team on our supply chain network optimization and S&OP project. Everyone on the team was approachable, technically strong, collaborative, customer-focused, and responsive. Even through the challenges of COVID-19, the team really delivered on helping us realize and present tangible value and actionable insights to our leadership team."

Terese Hunwick
VP Supply Chain - Fly Ash, Boral Resources LLC

“We continually use River Logic for visibility and optimization of our network and we see great value from this. The scenario modeling is user-friendly, reliable and fast. The River Logic team is responsive and flexible to our needs. As we go forward, we are looking to gain further value from the tool, particularly in the area of network capabilities and capacities.”

European Supply Chain Team
Upfield (Formerly Unilever)

“We were attracted to the flexibility of River Logic. We can determine things such as where and how to blend coal, adjust plans based on customized multi-criteria optimization, and simulate financial flows. We will continue to use River Logic to streamline our efforts for determining functionally-aligned plans that optimize our performance objectives.”

Alexey Dmitrochenkov
Head of Planning, SUEK Energy

“The main thing that makes River Logic unique is that it starts with your real-world business (product, process, etc) and then attaches the financials. With other planning, you go straight to financials or simplify the inputs.”

Chris McCallum
COO, Shoes of Prey

“One of the key values from River Logic is the ability to bring our functional teams data that they can make actionable…We want them to understand the opportunity cost of producing and selling one more or one less of that product, and River Logic enables that for us.”

Lewis Belknap
VP of Planning, McKee Foods

“The implementation of River Logic makes it possible to plan the delivery time and cost of each postal item, choosing the most optimal routes. This allows us to not only meet delivery deadlines but also to deliver mail faster than the norm and identify bottlenecks in the production and logistics network to promptly eliminate them. Moreover, the system has reduced logistic costs by 10-15%.”

Alexey Skatin
Deputy General Director for Logistics, Russian Postal Service

“We could finally show people in a meeting what it would cost to move away from the best answer, and implement their new policy. It radically shortened the decision-making process and improved stakeholder meetings.”

Ian Croucamp
Strategy & Development Planning, BHP Billiton

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