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“Intelligent Modeling has a seemingly magical ability to bring stakeholders from all over a business to discuss and agree on how their business should be modelled. It’s scary when marketing, finance and operations teams are unaware of each other’s accountabilities — but it still happens. The throughput KPIs of operations teams does not align with the ROI requirements for finance, hence it is impossible to maximize profitability and growth of a business. Because operational activities can be mapped to financial implications, Intelligent Modeling allows clients to embark on a journey to generate solutions to problems that have a global optima.”

Matthew Birch
Senior Specialist, Advanced Analytics Group, Bain & Co.

“When you combine industry experience that is respected and trusted with a unique next-generation technology, it’s not too difficult to differentiate from the competition. When a client sees a solution swiftly solve today’s problems, while adding value, and realizes that it can be applied to address future challenges, it’s not too difficult for the client to make a purchasing decision.”

Rod Stout
Co-Founder, Business Modelling Associates

“River Logic’s Platform allows us to answer many of our clients’ most important questions. This builds trust and allows authentic conversations, and it’s in these relationships that the power of our firm can be brought to clients and unlock unmatched value for their business.”

Simon Avenell
Price Waterhouse Coopers

“The optimal decision today…might not be the optimal decision tomorrow. The world keeps changing. It’s annoying. Luckily, there is intelligent modeling that keeps track of all those changes and recalibrates the situation each time you run the model. You can actually set it up to have the model compare itself to what’s actually happening.”

Chris McManaman
Commodity Trading Technologist

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