Are You Ready to Learn How to Transform Your Supply Chain?

In times of enterprise transformation, it’s best for the leaders to maintain a holistic approach

River Logic is leading a series of broadcasts on supply chain transformation called “Real Talks” – enabling industry leaders and providers of advanced prescriptive analytics technology platforms to discuss ways that enterprises can optimize supply chain ecosystems for resilience, profitability and sustainability. In its first broadcast, River Logic’s president, Carlos Centurion, and Ali Aksut Microsoft’s WW Solution Strategy, Digital Manufacturing & Supply Chain, will participated in a leading-edge broadcast, “Are You Ready to Learn How to Transform Your Supply Chain.” 

The webinar marked the first edition of “Real Talks” a series of broadcasts on supply chain transformation designed by River Logic.

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In the first edition, River Logic president Carlos Centurion and Microsoft Supply Chain executive Ali Aksut, provided an overview of the some of the key strategies that customers have adopted for supply chain transformation, and how those customers have driven top-line growth without sacrificing operational excellence.

Aksut made the point that, in times of enterprise transformation, it’s best for the leaders to maintain a holistic approach. Many organizations are interested in delivering incremental gradual value as they move in to digital transformation.  That transformation should compel the enterprise identify specific business outcomes they want to achieve. At the same time, technology is only an aspect that includes organizational adjustments and change as well as business processes adjustments. 

To be able to leverage these emerging technologies, Microsoft’s Aksut reminded listeners that there is always a need for new business processes and different ways of looking at the business structure.

Centurion advocated for a smashing of the silos so present in mid-century businesses, so that cross-functional teams can provide the best solutions.  The supply chain must become an enabler of solutions that work across the markets, where opportunities are balanced against constraints.  River Logic’s Digital Planning TwinTM becomes such an enabler. 

Centurion added that the companies that succeed will provide multiple solutions to the value chain.  Some of those enterprises will concentrate primarily on manufacturing and/or logistics.  Some will concentrate on procurement without looking far enough downstream.  Successful enterprises will look for end-to-end solutions, where the ultimate goal is financial success where gap accounting is followed, but also organizational success that looks to the future in all aspects of the business.

As the supply chain industry marks its future, the panelists agreed that sustainability, through carbon emissions control and even the circular economy -- and post-pandemic inflation and economic factors would be the two biggest industry drivers.  

Click here. Listen to Ali Aksut, from Microsoft, and Carlos Centurion, from River Logic, discuss the current customer embracement of supply chain transformation. Estimated time: 17 minutes


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